The Birthing Fund

An alternative way to support expecting families

Why a birthing fund?

Instead of going the traditional route of a OB/GYN, we've decided to take a more holistic approach to birthing our daughter. We know this may shock some people, however there's mounting evidence that detail the risks Black women face when birthing in the typical hosptial setting.

After doing rigorous research (and Jasmine becoming a certified doula), we were able to decide that a home birth is a better option for us.

We've had an amazing experience working with our mid-wife and doula team! Throughout this journey we've learned a lot, and we think a holistic approach to pregnancy is an amazing option for expecting families.

However, we've also learned that many of the services provided by the amazing people in the natural birthing community are not covered by insurance, which can cost upwards of thousands of dollars. And from that, the idea of the birthing fund was born (no pun intended) 😉.

👩🏿‍👦🏿 How you can support!

We're very thankful to our families who have been so supportive throughout our journey as new parents, and have provided the bulk of what we need in terms of clothing, a pack and play, high chair, and car seat.

So instead of a baby registry we've determined that accepting donations to help with our midwife and doula expenses would be a more impactful way to assist. 😊 Any amount big or small will be received with gratitude.

If you have any questions about a holistic birthing experience feel free to email:
Malik ( 📧 or
Jasmine ( 📧